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Cool jobs reddit

Imagine if you were given a chance to embark on experiences that enhanced your life and the lives of others, changed the way you interact with the world around you, and connected you with the amazing places where you want to live. Welcome to CoolWorks. We left the gate open — come on in and chase your dreams.

You believe that sandwiches taste progressively better the farther you get from the trailhead. You sleep best with your head in the open air and the sound of a backcountry stream singing you to sleep. You discover both solace and adventure in the Great Outdoors. SinceCoolWorks has been a leader in connecting people seeking meaningful and exciting work with the employers who are looking for their enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge. We believe that you can and should love your job, and we want to help make that happen!

We post job opportunities in great places— everything from national parks to ski resorts to retreat centers, and everything in between. What started as a way to just get out and explore somewhere new for a few months has now become a full-time career that still….

I hope going forward I can…. One fun aspect of seasonal life is not knowing where you will be next. What state? What park? Should I go home for a few months? What a crazy life I live compared…. No matter how tough some days can be, I just remind myself why I am here. I encounter hundreds of tourists a day, and most of them have spent their entire lives working in order to afford a trip to a National Park. My seasonal jobs have allowed me to spend entire summers enjoying the trails, the views and the adventures.

I may not have a ton of money in my pockets, but I have a mind full of memories and hundreds of miles on my hiking shoes. Miners Ridge Lookout Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington.Corporate sales. Providing new products to existing accounts. I can only speak to grocery, drug and deep discount chains. They know you and your company and there is a level of trust between you.

You basically just show up and offer your new products and ad programs and they accept them or don't.

cool jobs reddit

The only work really is a few follow up letters on the computer and communications back to the office that you type on the airplane. Air travel takes time, but is not difficult. You get the flight miles for plenty of free travel.

Wonderful life if you like to travel. When you have well chosen tenants and well maintained property, not much to do but cash checks and drink beer. I'm a translation student. If you manage to learn a foreign language proper, all you have to do is read and copy, and occasionally look up a word. It pays great, and the obscurer the language is the better.

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Engineer Your Future: 17 Unique Jobs You Can Get With An Engineering Degree

Take a minute and give this question some serious thought. Your answer is kind of important. In fact, how you respond could be life-changing. JobMonkey is here to help you find a job that you enjoy. The world is filled with cool jobs in amazing places.

Your work options are endless. Pick a career path that will excite you to go to work every day. The key to finding a cool job is defining what you think is cool. Whether you want to live the vacation, travel the globe, save the planet, play in the great outdoors, or earn a monster paycheck, there is a job out there that is perfect for you — and JobMonkey is here to help you find it.

Then when you find the right job, you can browse through thousands of job openings listed by cool employers located all over the planet. You can do all of this and more on JobMonkey right now! Find a cool job and you might earn your next paycheck by…. JobMonkey is here to get you started on your cool career path.

Use the following pages and explore the links to learn more about cool jobs. Are you ready to choose your own adventure?

cool jobs reddit

Your dream job on a cruise ship awaits! Cruise lines are hiring all over the world. Search jobs and learn how to get hired. Break into the resort industry — work in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or another top destination. Learn how. Plus — job openings galore. Techies and video game lovers: your job awaits in the gaming industry! We have jobs from the most famous and up-and-coming employers!

Find out more…. Working as a diver is one of the ultimate cool jobs. Explore opportunities, learn how to get certified, and what diving jobs are like. Unique jobs are what JobMonkey is all about! Weird, odd, and rewarding! We show you how. If you love animals, then why not make a living working around them?

From dog walking to pet grooming, we explain the opportunities. Tour guides work on buses, trains, and even small ships. Earn a base and tips, seasonally or year-round. Learn the trade right now! Learn about chef jobs and cooking careers.Go big or go home is your motto. Let your North Star lead you to the land of the midnight sun, where big scenery, big animals, and even big vegetables await you.

North to Alaska! Alaska and Washington. Work Extreme Arctic! Experience an authentic and remote Native village with Alaska-sized adventures and unspoiled wilderness. Join Our Summer Family! Dive into the heart of community in Denali. Be a part of the local, independent hot spot.

Alaska Jobs

Love what you do. Come Explore with the Locals! Your dream job is here. Come aboard with Major Marine Tours for the ultimate summer adventure! Come explore with the locals! Great jobs available in Alaska on and off the water for our season. Escape to Alaska and Earn Great Money! Largest ski resort in Alaska. The perfect base camp for alpine, back-country, and heli skiing in Alaska.

Onsite Employee Housing Available!

cool jobs reddit

Alaska Jobs. View Jobs summer. Waterfall Resort Alaska Resort Alaska. View Jobs summer fall year round. Seasonal Posted: Apr 13, Work Arctic Outdoor Adventures Alaska. View Jobs summer winter fall year round. Let Alaska's Mountains, Wildlife, and Glaciers be your backyard this summer! Denali BrewPub Restaurant Alaska. View Jobs summer year round.

View Jobs summer winter fall spring. Farm to Table Restaurant and Taqueria looking for outgoing and positive employees! View Jobs year round. Icy Strait Point Resort Alaska. View Jobs summer fall. View Jobs summer fall spring. Windsong Lodge Lodge Alaska. View Jobs summer spring.

Cycle Alaska Tour Company Alaska. Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge Lodge Alaska. Historic Skagway Inn Lodge Alaska.For ages Ages By: Aurora Feb 24, AM. After all, most perceptions of what an engineer looks like involve mountains of eraser dust and very little sunlight.

Good news! Here are 17 cool, unique, fun, and very real careers your child can pursue with an engineering degree. Does your child have a need for speed? Are they the adventurous type who might love chasing checkered flags? If so, working as a race engineer could be right on track.

Race engineers set out to achieve the absolute best performance possible from their racer and the race car itself. This fun gig involves mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, math, and physics, as well as 21st century skills like strong interpersonal communication and collaboration. A group of engineers and programmers are tasked with keeping Curiosity on target and moving safely from more than million miles away. You may think driving the rover is like playing a video game, but it actually requires thousands of lines of code.

Unpopular Jobs That Pay A LOT Of Money - (r/AskReddit)

How cool is it to think about driving a robot across millions of miles of space? A degree in engineering could get you there. Closer to home, those blue-shirted folks in Apple Stores all over the world are engineers, too.

Apple Geniuses are the highest level of retail techies, the ones who focus exclusively on fixing Macs. A rigorous application and interview process screens candidates so only the best make it into stores to rep the Apple brand.

Plus, being an Apple Genius is perfect for engineers who like interacting with and meeting new people. Building the intricate sets for the next Hollywood blockbuster? You got it. Designing live shows for big-name rock stars like Taylor Swift and U2? All possible with a background in entertainment engineering.

While various degrees are applicable in this field, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas also offers a specialized Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Engineering and Design. Photonics is the science of using light to create energy or detect and transmit information.

Various engineering degrees can pave the way to a career in photonics engineering.From the crazy to the cool, the serious to the silly, there are tons of jobs out there that you might never have heard of.

One of them might just be your next career. Or it could be a fun side job that will boost your earnings. Some people have forgone the most common career routes and have decided on something a little more abstract, like being a greeting card artist, jewelry designer, or cruise line employee.

Others have a traditional career, but take on side jobs doing something interesting that can earn them extra money. Read about some of the weirdest and most interesting jobs out there and see if your calling is among them. Ayurveda is a type of traditional Indian medicine that is thousands of years old. Ayurveda practice aims for a balance of one's body system and incorporates many natural or plant-based remedies. Ayurveda has since gained popularity in Western cultures.

As a result, there has been a rise in "natural wellness" schools in the United States, such as the Kripalu School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which offer certification for Western students. Bike couriers, or bike messengers, provide a valuable service in cities where traffic poses a transportation hassle.

Because bike couriers are not deterred by traffic jams or parking problems, they can often get across a city faster than if they were driving a car. While the digital age has somewhat displaced the need for bike couriers to deliver paper mail and other hard-copy documents, cyclists are still used for errand-running by various industries, such as the food and fashion industries. There are apps you can use to quickly and easily find courier, delivery, driving, shopping, and other tasks to boost your income.

Body painters usually work at fairs, festivals, or other events that draw large numbers of people. Some specialize in face painting, which is especially popular among families with children. Other body painters may work at concerts or music festivalsoffering their services to adults.

Body painters might also be employed on a photo or video shoot that requires clothing to be painted on, as part of the designers' artistic concept. Most body painters work on a freelance basis. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science based on Taoist principles. Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energy, or "Chi," in order to ensure the health, wellness and ultimate good fortunate of an area's inhabitants.

Feng Shui can be used in any space — home, office, garden, store, etc. Accordingly, a Feng Shui decorator will account for color, lighting, and organization in a room.

Feng Shui consultants can be self-taught, but may also have formal certification or training. For example, a clever computer whiz might create multiple fake accounts that can serve a variety of purposes—whether it be posing as someone's fake Facebook girlfriend, increasing someone's number of Facebook friends, or even "liking" a company's Facebook page—and then sell such services to anyone willing to pay.

According to a Washington Post story, dedicated fake Facebookers can make thousands per month. Flavorists are chemists who formulate both natural and artificial flavors. Flavorists often have a Ph. Fragrance chemists are scientists who specialize in the study of odor molecules and how such molecules can be used for perfumes. Fragrance chemists may develop and test scents for women's and men's perfume, soap, lotion, and other toiletries. They often have backgrounds in chemistryand often have high-level degrees, such as a master's or Ph.

Originating from the Latin word "hippo," or horse, hippotherapy refers to therapy that uses the natural movement of a horse as part of a patient's treatment plan. Because a horse's pelvis has a three-dimensional movement that mirrors the physiology of the human walk, horseback riding can be highly beneficial for patients with both physical and neurological disabilities. Hippotherapy may be used in physical, occupational, psychological, or even speech therapy, and is becoming a popular option for children with multiple sclerosis, autism, Down syndrome, and other conditions.

The American Hippotherapy Association provide educational resources and certification. Horticultural therapy, also called ecopsychology, is the use of plants, and the process of planting, in psychological or physical therapy. Horticultural therapists may use the act of gardening as either a treatment strategy for troubled mental patients or as a physical strengthening tactic for patients in occupational therapy.

Horticultural therapy may be used in rehabilitation clinics, prisons, schools, hospitals, or psychology offices.

Anyone who paints their nails has probably wondered where those unique — and sometimes silly—nail polish names come from.

cool jobs reddit

As it turns out, there's no one answer.Ahh, nothing quite like the ability to impress people by simply telling them what you do for a living. But for the average Joe and Jane, there are some jobs that stand out as cooler than the rest. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Payscale. They also build prototypes and test them out.

Basically, your job is one big science fair presentation on the most epic of scales. Check out this sample resume for an aerospace engineer. Find aerospace engineer jobs on Monster.

You can still get close to the action. Athletic trainers work with the players to create and accomplish their personal fitness goals, customize exercise routines, develop rehabilitation programs for injured players, and track their progress. Find athletic trainer jobs on Monster. Brewmasters, or head brewers, work in breweries small and large, crafting new brews, managing production, and hiring other brewery staff to create delicious varities of ales and lagers for the thirsty public.

Find brewery jobs on Monster. If you love sports and a good debate, becoming a broadcast sports reporter is a pretty cool job. Find sports reporter jobs on Monster. Find ranching jobs and farm manager jobs on Monster. Cruise directors are in charge of entertainment and activities on some of the most luxurious seafaring vessels around the globe, with the ultimate goal of making sure guests have a great time. Find cruise-related jobs on Monster.

But you may not realize how much heart-racing training and preparation is involved with the job. Firefighters regularly practice the latest safety protocols for entering burning buildings, saving people, and controlling and fighting fires. Check out this sample resume for a firefighter. Find firefighter jobs on Monster. How about being the person who actually gets to create them? Find game designer jobs on Monster. Pilots get to fly airplanes, helicopters, and other aviation vehicles, sometimes transporting people and goods, sometimes performing search and rescue missions, and sometimes to research the ever-changing topography of the planet.

Find pilot jobs on Monster. If a coaching position is more your speed, start by coaching lower levels of golf, like high school or even recreationally. Nobody can stop you from dreaming big, but you deserve to do more than just dream. Step one: Join Monster today. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policyterms of use and use of cookies. Thank you! You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon. By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policyterms of use and use of cookies.

Search Career Advice. Advice Career Paths Dream Jobs. From cowboy to cruise director, check out these fun jobs that make every day an adventure.