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M8 oil pump problems

The single-camshaft configuration also returned with the switch to the Milwaukee-Eight engine. Harley claimed the reason for the new engine platform was to provide faster throttle response, more torque, better sound, improved fuel economy and a smoother ride. For starters, we are a huge fan of the Milwaukee-Eight engine platform - mainly because the ease of which you can increase power on your motorcycle. In most cases when Stage 1 upgrades are complete, our next go-to solution is an immediate cam upgrade and here's why:.

No more downshifting to change lanes or maneuver around a slow moving tractor trailer. We had a guy tell us he wanted a cam upgrade so his motorcycle would stop sounding like a sewing machine. At this point in the conversation our customers are chomping at the bit to learn more about how exactly they can get more torque, power and better sound on their Milwaukee-Eight bike.

For us, choosing the right cam for our Milwaukee-Eight customers is easy. But, before we get there we thoroughly explain to our customers that it's just as important to upgrade your supporting cam chest parts as it is to upgrade your cam.

Upgrading your entire cam chest ensures the longevity of your motor and optimum performance. Our go-to cam bundle that includes a brand new high performance cam and upgrades all the supporting cam chest parts, which can be purchased on our websitecontains the following:. The delivers significant improvements in the power and throttle response right where you ride. The Red Shift is designed to compliment the 4-valve heads' high intake flow while its unique design overcomes the restrictive exhaust port for big gains in both torque and horsepower.

The 3 Stage Oil Pump virtually eliminates the dreaded M8 sumping issue, ensuring your motor runs cooler while extending the life of your motor. The Cam Plate provides better oil flow to critical portions of the motor. These tappets provide a quieter valve train operation, including optimum valve control with low bleed-off rates.

These replace your factory plastic tappet retainers with a billet aluminum tappet retainer. Let's be real, plastic doesn't belong in your motor so these are a must. Interested in having this bundle installed in your bike and are within riding distance to our Thurmont, MD shop? Give us a call, We're now offering our complete Cam Chest Bundles with all the cam specific tools you'll need to complete the project yourself pictured below.

Before checking out, simply add the tool bundle to your order and you'll be ready to rock. Here's additional information, pictures and how to purchase our cam chest bundle at our extremely reduced bundle price, shipped free to your door for our United States customers:. Interested in the bundle but have questions first? We're here to help!

Simply complete a contact form below and we'll get back to you fast! Read More. Shop with confidence as the Fat Head Cycles Team is working quickly and safely to serve you. Enjoy free standard shipping on all orders. We appreciate you! Menu 0.

m8 oil pump problems

Repair Maintenance Installation. General Questions Technical Support. Passing Power No more downshifting to change lanes or maneuver around a slow moving tractor trailer. Regain Your Classic Harley Sound We had a guy tell us he wanted a cam upgrade so his motorcycle would stop sounding like a sewing machine. Our go-to cam bundle that includes a brand new high performance cam and upgrades all the supporting cam chest parts, which can be purchased on our websitecontains the following: Red Shift Cam Shaft The delivers significant improvements in the power and throttle response right where you ride.

Torrington Cam Shaft Bearing This full roller high performance bearing replaces the extremely weak factory caged bearing. Assembly Lube The assembly lube ensures there is no metal to metal dry contact at the initial start up.

Gaskets Our bundle also comes complete with all necessary gaskets to complete the install.Discussion in ' Road Warriors ' started by mitchxoutDec 30, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Sumping up with new Milwaukee 8? It reminds me of the internet chatter over the twin cam chain tension shoe era. Lots of outrage from owners and denial from the MoCo. Anyone know about this this issue?

LuciferMuttDec 30, Watch this:. ADV Sponsors. Then again I had a TC88 and it didn't eat it's cam chain lifters in the 60, I had it either. The thing about the internet is if there are 1, people who have no problem at all but 3 that do, you are more likely to hear from those 3 than the others. I think you may have greater risks with stray lighting bolts really I researched the issue too and it looks pretty isolated to me. Seems to be mostly big bore kitted bikes that do it.

Also found that the Evo engine some had the same problem. I'm into unmodified bikes these days that are quiet and don't shake, still considering a FatBob or the FXDR once the price settles down. I wouldn't worry about the sumping on a stock bike and I've already been struck by lightning. His second SG and at least his 7th Harley.

The issue is real but he has gotten little to no support from the dealer who will never get his business again. If this issue is handled the same I expect the other posters to be correct. Only effects a small number of bikes. Expect the issue to be minimized by Harley and other owners. Pay big bucks to fix a problem you will be told does not exist or is your own fault. Superbikemike and alekkas like this.

Not sure if this is the same one but similar to the link. KingOfFleeceDec 30, Our cam tensioner on a twin cam 88 was toast at miles.This is what I read on the international forum also. I want to go Stage 3 so, I will wait and see what folks say about models. All the transmission fluid moves over to the primary. No known fix from MoCo yet. It is possible for some ci stock engine to have sumping issue, especially ones that are revved out to higher rpm, it does not happen to all of the M8s. Just some.

Some owners have reported engine power loss, others reported heads getting too hot to touch. No doubt Harley will find a fix, just a matter of time. Unfortunately, if Twin Cam engine is anything to go by, it takes MoCo a few years to nut out issues.

HD Forums Australia. About Register Log in. Active topics Search. Who's online: Pagey, Spook, Guests: This M8 using oil thing Posts: PaulT 22 May PM. Is this true? I spoke to an independent HD tech the other day and he said that a few of the new Milwaukee 8 motors have been burning excess oil and some have had their oil pumps fail I know there can be teething problems with a new design but using oil is unacceptable I think.

Bugatti run their Chiron engines at red line for like eight hours straight to test them. HD rigorously tested the new Vrod engine, why wouldn't Harley do something like that for the M8? If I'd know this I might have had second thoughts of buying a new Fat Boy. In kms since its first service the dip stick is showing it needs a top up but just a little I think.

All new motors burn a bit more oil for the first few thousand ks right?

Sumping up with new Milwaukee 8?

Posts: Castlemaine. I was told that as long as I didn't go past stage II on the motor I wouldn't have an issue Posts: Strength in Unity. Posted by chinashop bull on 22 May PM M8 motors are not burning oil and oil pumps are not failing. Some are wet sumping when the scavenge pump is not getting oil out quickly enough.

Can affect all M8 motors, including stock. Nobody knows exactly why this is happening in some motors. HD are now up to their 6th pump design and still not solved. PaulT 23 May PM. Posted by chinashop bull on 23 May PM HD also have a bulletin for sumping only it hasn't actually stopped sumping. Put a cold spoon on my desire for a harley that's for sure. I'll be going the Loftybob route and get an adventure bike.Help Forgot Password? Remember Me? Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Sumping?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Message NC Triker. I was on another H-D wed site and there was a discussion on sumping. They never said what sumping is.

m8 oil pump problems

Can someone tell me what sumping is? Has anyone on this forum experienced sumping? Curious minds would like to know. Message 1dn5up. Originally Posted by gtpalin. Message rhino 2. And can cause a lot of blow-bye into the air filter among other problems.

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar The oil pump cannot keep up with volume of oil, too much oil in the case, BIG loos of power Bad Ju Ju with the M8 is being reported H D is on oil pump 3 or 4 now to solve this problem. Originally Posted by Jack Klarich. Originally Posted by MDO.

I had initially thought the sumping issue was just with riders that did stage 2, 3 or 4 upgrades. Message DK Custom Products. Even the Twin Cams can have sumping issues. As the crank shifts, even a little, the oil pump is not as strong to scavenge all the oil out. We've seen this more than a few times. Aftermarket fixes will undoubtedly void the warranty Rumor is that HD is working on new cases for the M8 in an effort to fix this on upcoming models.

Classic Triumphs have this problem if they sit too long without being started, but the oil goes back where it's suppose to once you start the bike. Not sure if this is the case with Harleys. Message Mykneesbehurtin. When i dropped my trike off at the dealership i was talking to a tech and he said he was working on a trike with miles on it blowing oil out of the air cleaner.

Originally Posted by Mykneesbehurtin. Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. Editor Tabs provided by vBEditorTabs v1.Get Full Details. Orders of any amount can be returned for free by mail or in store, for any reason, within 45 days of the shipping date.

Part Number A great upgrade for any performance motor. The Billet Cam Support Plate is manufactured from billet aluminum with pressed-in bronze bushings, and is pre-assembled with the crankshaft bushing and oil pressure relief valve. Bike not listed? Select your year and model to see all the parts that fit your bike. All rights reserved. We do not currently ship to Hawaii, P. Gift cards and taxes do not qualify toward the minimum purchase requirement. View all bikes this part fits.

Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Live Chat. Select SELECT. Model Model. EPA compliant for sale and use on all applicable vehicles, including those that are pollution controlled. Screamin' Eagle Performance products are intended for the experienced rider only. Billet cam support plate, 2 cam bushings and high volume oil pump.

The dealership strongly recommended the Cam Plate and Hi Volume oil pump to accompany the engine upgrade. We all know the bigger the engine the more heat is produced. Moving oil always helps with engine heating issues.

I also had the High Capacity oil pan installed December of The high capacity oil pump has handled the extra 1. Oil temps continue to perform at normal levels.

My stock run was After the build my numbers were The Cam Plate and Hi Volume Oil pump handle the extra stress of the engine without issue to this day. If you are contemplating any internal performance upgrades, this item is a must. Date published: Having built high-performance engines in the past, I was somewhat concerned with the relatively low oil pressure inherent in OE Twin Cam engines.

If oil is the life's blood of an engine, the oil pump is the heart. I replaced the cam plate, oil pump, cam-chain tensioners and inner cam bearings myself, in about 3 hours. While my hot oil pressure at highway speeds was previously around psi, it's now at around psi, depending on the weather.

Most importantly, my hot-idle oil pressure went from barely registering on the gauge, to around 15psi. More oil circulating through the oil cooler means cooler oil, and I can certainly tell the difference. Oil temp has droppedengine temps have dropped, and the valve-train makes significantly less noise. If I had it to do all over again, this would be the very first modification performed on my bike.

Rated 5 out of 5 by jaymiller5 from Great upgrade I installed new CAMs a month ago and decided to upgrade the CAM plate and oil pump based on my local dealerships advice.

Fitment for CVO Breakout Can you please tell me what part number is suitable for a CVO breakout and what other parts are required when installing this kit?Yes, I am aware of the other posts and thank you for reminding me I assume your the self appointed police man here, going on the tone of your post I will post an intro soon On reflection Goat my post does NOT read well You are percent right mr soapy.

Worried me all night. He was asking for help.

Screamin' Eagle Billet Cam Support Plate with High Volume Oil Pump

I am sorry about his bike woes. Yesterday with the approval of HD they did the Sumping test and surprise surprise it didn't exhibit excessive oil in the sump I was hoping they would just order the replacement oil pump and be done with it I wanted to vent my frustration with HD Australia but sadly they won't return my email request I'm not looking to put the boot into SunCity Thanks for the reply.

The motor is being pulled down this week to check for damage, so I will see how that go's Good luck mate Mind you, your HP would still see you give me a bath with mine 98 HP HD Forums Australia. About Register Log in. Active topics Search. Who's online: Pagey, Spook, Guests: Posts: 13 Townsville.

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Engine Problems!

I hope this is the correct place for this discussion:. Feb I upgraded my Deluxe to a new M8 Road King, very happy with the bike, did a ride to Adelaide and return and it was like sitting in an old caddy, km days without and problems Job done and a good run-in process slowly released what should have been hp of even fun.

What happens and usually during a long ride, say km and as the motor warms up it starts to dump oil into the sump, the HD being a dry sump would normally via the scavenging side of the oil pump return that oil to the general circulation. However the pump can't keep up and eventually the crank starts running into a wall of oil.

m8 oil pump problems

My bike feels like its running on a single cylinder and lacks any power So, the local dealer has been great and without knowing the full effect of the service bulletin has inspected the bike and drained the oil from the sumpHelp Forgot Password? Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Attached Images M Message FuzzyWuzHe. Wonder why? More capacity would be a good thing for all oil changes So, why haven't they figured this out earlier?

This is the third production year for the M8, right? So when they designed the new M8's, they didn't measure oil flow? By shear volume, their Nath is off.

m8 oil pump problems

Old New This is based on a filter 3" I guessed, but the diameter is the same for both. HD is not the only company doing this. Honda made the tank on the new wings smaller and since it more efficient, it is supposed to equal out. Why do these companies assume we won't do the math. I bet they think this may help the sumping issues I have always been a big fan of larger oil filters However why now as Alan said in his post. The MOCO is up to something here, look how many oil pumps they have redesigned already in a quest to fix the oil problems on the M 8 engines.

Message rhino 2. Originally Posted by Jack Klarich.