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Octane glass material free

Glass can be a difficult material to capture correctly in a 3D program. Ordinary glass presents us with extremes in nearly every surface attribute. Hard specularity, transparency, reflection, refraction — glass has it all. The transparency and reflective values of glass change with our angle of observation.

Glass seems completely transparent to us, yet it casts a shadow. Thus, it is a unique challenge to embody all of these aspects of glass in a material setup. Cinema 4D attempts to address some of these issues in its basic material setup. If you were to make a material that is nearly black, had extreme specular values, gave it transparency with a refractive index of 1. This is the recommended way to set up glass according to Maxon. In this example you can see a few problems with this approach: there is a double specular highlight that should not be present, the glass object is casting no shadow, and it seems particularly dead and lifeless — it does not sparkle in its environment the way glass should.

This tutorial will take you step by step through an approach to material creation that examines the way materials behave in real life and tries to apply those observations to the controls available in the Materials editor.

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Set Up a Rig When making a material setup it is beneficial to set up an environment where you can examine different aspects of the surface as you create it.

Here is a sample rig I often use when making materials — it helps me visualize reflective, refractive and other surface qualities in a standard environment.

You can download this setup rig here. Cinema 4D's default surface settings. It resembles grey rubber. Taking a step by step approach, you will isolate each quality of glass and adjust the material properties to emulate them.

Step 3 - Specularity Glass has a very hard specularity. Because the surface is microscopically smooth there is very little blurring or spreading of reflected highlights on the surface. Adjust the specularity settings accordingly, to give a hard, small highlight.

However we still have the missing shadow to contend with. In reality, glass is never perfectly transparent.Texture Haven Octane Material Pack. Each one is carefully laid out using the new Universal Material and individually tweaked to look its best in Octane Render on any platform. Free updates available for one year after launch. He continually updates his site with more image textures regularly. I worked closely with Rob to make sure he approved of using his textures in this way.

This means every single material type, from Bricks, Wood, Plaster, Metal, and even Snow are all made using one single material. Map it your way! All the image textures are first run through a triplanner node, with its projection set to UV mapping. This mean you can, in a single click, enable and disable triplanner mapping on a whim! Every material is made with PBR 4k images right out of the box. If you require even higher resolutions though, you can easily swap out the 4k textures in your scene with 8k ones by using the Octane Texture manager!

Check out the video for more info! Two Library Formats To maximize availability I've made this entire material library available in. For C4D users, a. For non Cinema 4D users, or those who would rather use the Octane LiveDB, you wont get the Texture Haven pictures on each material to preview, but you will still get a a high quality pre-generated preview to help you decide which material to select. What's included? Instruction Videos. Installing in the Cinema 4D Content Browser.

Installing in the Octane LiveDB. Swapping 4k Textures to 8k. Cinema 4D Content Browser. Get access. Octane LiveDB.

Freebie: Cinema 4D and Octane Render Materials Pack

FAQs Q. This Material pack will continue to receive updates that reflect the current listing of materials on the Texture Haven website, until May 15th, This will ensure the course will stay updated for over a year after its launch. Your email.

octane glass material free

Your password. Forgot your password?The availability of external renders for Blender nowadays is fantastic, and besides the two excellent internal options, you could also choose to work with several others.

A lot of project we feature here uses Octane as their main render engine. If you also choose to use Octane Render for your projects, we found a resource that might help you start your asset library.

A small collection of 18 free physically based materials. An artist called Raphael Rau shared the materials for Octane Render in the freebies of his studio Silverwing. There you will find not only this material collection but also a lot of other 3d models and resources. Even the free material collection appeared first as an asset for Cinema 4D, but the artist created a file that works in the Octane Render standalone.

Do you want an example of a project that uses Octane Render with Blender? Look at this project that we featured just a couple weeks ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments Cancel Reply.No commercial use allowed.

Phoenix Palm v2. Gerbera Flowers. Weeping Willow v2. Cantaloupe Melon. Tileable scanned PBR and standard textures up to 8k for use in any 3D application. Dirt Ground 2.

octane glass material free

Cobblestone Square. Berlin Aged Wall. Beech Wood Parquet. Texas Walnut Parquet. Material Manager. Create free pattern textures and materials with OmniTiles for Windows — a standalone application with graphical pattern editor and multi textures.

Includes Material Manager LE with over 75 ready to use materials. The most efficient tool for 3Ds Max to manage your material and map libraries with attributes, multi-previews, an online User Library and full integration with VP Maxtiles. Materials can be uploaded and downloaded with the Material Manager Pro. To download or upload and share presets, a valid VP User account is required. Remember me Log in.

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octane glass material free

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Glass Material Cinema 4D & Octane ꟷ Tutorial

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