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Onan choke

Last spring I did a tuneup on my Onan 4k Micro-Quite generator. This improved the starting and running of the genney. I read through the MicroLite Service Manual and found a procedure for adjusting the choke. The procedure calls for visually verifying the position of the bi-metal strip through a small opening in the choke control.

On mine the only way to look through that opening is to remove the generator, then remove the entire cover. What I seen was the choke would get blown sucked open as the engine cranked. It seems like it needs a little more. I decided to simply move the adjustment until I felt comfortable with where it was at. WOW — It cranked for about 2 seconds and started right up. Now thats the way its supposed to be. I made the same adjustments ….

Its 30 degrees outside. Perfect for adjusting and testing the choke. Initial adjustment points to about oclock New adjustment, points to about oclock I decided to simply move the adjustment until I felt comfortable with where it was at. I had turned it about 90 degrees CCW, and this felt good.

Choke fully opened as genny warmed up. Previous Previous post: Furnace occasionally lights then kicks off. Kerry coachman mirada 30 ft 66, km 39, miles thanks again.If you blink you may miss it. That may be a bad pun, but it is the truth when it comes to Onan generators.

How to Read Onan Generator Fault Codes (Cummins Blink Code)

When something goes wrong, the generator will send out a code to tell you the problem. If you blink, you may miss the number of the error code. They use a blink and pa use design to make their numbered codes clear and not confusing. For example, if the light blinks 5 times then pauses, then blinks 1 more time, that signifies Fault Code To learn more about the different Onan Fault Codes, what they mean and how to fix the problem, just keep reading our article.

All the information is here for you to learn from. Onan Fault Codes are easy to learn if you do not blink while they are sending their message. This code will only blink twice.

It shows that the generator is low on oil and you need to add more. Twist off the yellow cap to look at the gauge and see how much more you need to put in. Just remember to not over-fill your oil tank.

Too much oil is not a good thing. When you see this code, it indicates that there is a problem somewhere on your Onan generator. You will get 3 flashes then a pause, then 3 flashes, then a pause and on it goes till you press the button to get the secondary code. The secondary code will give you the specific problem that is wrong with your generator. The first thing you need to do when you see this code is to try to reset your control board. You do this by turning the switch off and then hit the reset button.

Next, you need to turn the switch back to run.

onan choke

If it starts you are fine. This problem comes from a faulty inverter and that part is overcharging the generator.

The only way to solve this Fault Code problem is to take the generator to a qualified Onan dealer or repair shop. Alternative sources for this code may be a lack of fuel or a clogged filter problem. This code tells you that the controller is incapable of maintaining proper voltage levels.

There is a simple fix to this problem. Unplug all unneeded appliances while the air conditioner and battery charger are running. Another source for this problem would be that the engine slowed down for a variety of reasons like a lack of fuel.

This code tells you that the engine is running too fast and the sources for this code could be one of the following reasons: air leak at the intake, carb, and linkages not properly installed, misadjusted governor, broken governor. Check your frequency levels first. Then clean or replace your carb, check to make sure the linkage is not reversed or replace the governor.

For more info, read our Onan generator fault code 14 guide.

ONAN 153-0639 - LINKAGE CHOKE - Original OEM part

This is the opposite of the above code. When you see this number, your engine is running too slow. The solution may be that everything was not connected properly or that the governor is in the wrong spot. It has to be in the 5 th notch from the right. If the generator still flashes, you may have restarted your generator in under a minute and are running in ERO mode.When you own an RV power is the one thing you must have. If you are not plugged into an external power source, you need to turn to a generator to produce that power to run your appliances.

Generators are a wonderful invention when you are dry camping. Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code When you see this fault code, it simply means that the generator motor is running too fast. There are several sources that can cause this error code to pop up on you.

One is an air leak at the intake; another is the carb and linkages are not properly installed, as well as a misadjusted governor or broken governor.

To learn more about the Onan generator fault code 14, just continue to read or article. It provides the information you need to know, so you can overcome this challenge and get the power back you need to have a wonderful relaxing RV time.

Fault code 14 or error code 14 simply tells you that the engine on your Onan generator is running too fast. You will find that this is the most common error the generator displays.

It is a fancy way of saying that the engine is running too fast and putting out too much power. What that means is that just no one can fix this generator while it is still under warranty. Make sure you know exactly what is wrong and how much it will cost you, even under warranty, before authorizing any repair work. The source for this error cord comes from several issues.

Firstthere could be a problem with the carb.

onan choke

Secondthere could be an air leak and thirdthere is a problem with the governor. If it is the carb, your only solution is to clean it, which can be a difficult chore to do, or you can replace it. Because it is a hard task to do, most mechanics prefer to replace the carb instead of cleaning the old one. A broken or weak governor will need to be replaced as well. These repairs are not going to be cheap.

Another thing you need to watch out for is the frequency rate. The Onan generator uses a very narrow band of frequency to allow it to run at peak performance levels. To find the frequency, you do need to use a frequency meter. Nothing else will do. If the frequency is above 66 Hz, you should be fine. Also, you may need to check the choke linkage. It is very easy for someone to put this linkage on backward and mess up the engine.

The key to fixing this problem is the choke tang. If it is facing forward, it needs to be spun around and face backwards.

The last thing to do is remove the air cleaner and with the engine running spray short bursts of carb cleaner into the carb. This should clean out any garbage that has built-up over time and allow your carb to run better. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to avoid the fault code 14 is to exercise your generator.Standby portable generators have become essential equipment for power generation needs.

When it comes to choosing the best generators, nothing could be better than Onan. If you wish to give your recreational vehicle RV a boost of poweryou can rely on Onan generators. Anyone who owns a recreational vehicle knows how a power generator keeps the vehicle moving. Sometimes, there may be a case that the Onan generator may fail to start!

What then? The thing is; when oil sits in the tank for extended durations, its quality deteriorates. To prevent this from happening, run the generator dry, or you make it a practice to add fuel stabilizer.

For proper functioning of the Onan generator, the equipment demands a fair amount of airflow. When the air flow system clogs, the required flow of air gets restricted. The best thing would be to pull off the air filter to check whether it has some impurities clogged in. It is always a better idea to clean the air filter either with a brush or by knocking it on the floor.

On the other hand, if there are wears and tears of the air filter partition, you would have to replace it. The gas with impurities is likely to enter the carburetors. Once that happens, the carburetor hinders the starting of an Onan generator. In order to avoid this from happening, cleaning the carburetor should become a priority.

Either you spray the carb cleaner into its orifices without detaching it all together. Or you could clean it by detaching the part entirely from the generator system. Remove all the screws and keep them safely aside, in case you choose the latter. Brush off the contaminants using a cleaning liquid, and tightly screw back the carburetor once done.

In case there are leaks, cracks, or choke-ups, then you would have to address the problem. This issue is a rare occurring, that is why it should be checked for when everything else looks perfect. The procedure is to detach the fuel line from where it establishes the connection with the carburetor. Wait and watch for the fuel to pass through the oil filter.

If that does not happen, the fuel filter is clogged and need replacement. The Onan RV generators are the best power producers and known to deliver quality. If you do not manage to detect the problem, do not worry, as getting expert help is never too late. Currently working as a blogger, he takes pride in providing comprehensive contents about camping knowledge, survival skills based on his own experience.InGet RV Parts marks 49 years of offering specialized parts, professional advice and great customer service to recreational vehicle owners.

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Your Get RV Parts team.

Onan Generator Choke Adjustment

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onan choke

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onan choke

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ONAN 146-0589 - BREAKER ASM CHOKE - Original OEM part

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Onan Marquis generator starts then dies (uncommon problem and solution)

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